Midstabot is the Spinofftale version of Napstabot. Midstabot loves most types music but misses Juicestablook. In the Neutral and the Pacifist Route, Midstabot will turn into Midstabot EX, while in the Genocide route, Midstabot NEO, who is pretty easy to kill.

He prizes his equipment over any part on his body.


Box Form

Midstabot's original form is near-identical to the original design of Napstabot but with a green screen and a 'M', similar to Mettaton's.

EX Form

Midstablook is similar to the original Napstablook, except with lighter grey hair, all of his clothes are shades of bright green, and he has a set of headphones around his neck that has a microphone attachment. He has a buckle that has his teal SOUL trapped inside.

NEO Form

Midstabot NEO has slightly crooked wings that connect to black poles on his back, lost his hat, a speaker on his breastplate, green boots, and is wearing his headset. His right eye has gone and in it's place is a black plate with white openings. His right arm has morphed into a more cannon-like form.

Midstabot (Underswap)
Midstabot NEO (Underswap)

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