Chrome is the former Husband of Ailey Munitalp & the Former Father of DoomFlame Munitalp. His Spirit lives in the dumpster & he often visits the ruins to see his wife, Ailey, since she isolates herself from the rest of the Underground. He can still communicate with her, since she can hear him & see him, even though he's a ghost. Ever since he died, he & Ailey talk about DoomFlame, but, he knows that DoomFlame had taken SOULs to help their kind escape. Sadly, Chrome is stuck in the shadows, but, he can be physically harmed. In the No Mercy Route, Chrome realises that the player wants to cause destruction, but, he won't allow it. Since, in LuxrayTale, Chrome is a Ghost Type & Spear knows Bite, he can be physically hurt. When the player goes to the Ruins after visiting Chrome's new house, the door will be open, the player will be able to hang out with Chrome & see Ailey once more.

Every time the player sleeps in the bed at the ruins, the player will be able to heal like in the Pokemon Games when the player has the option to sleep in an NPC's bed at their house to heal their Pokemon.

Art by ElementArraEevee518

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