Saxophone Napstablook is a character in Instrumenttale, and the first mini-boss that you meet.


Saxophone Napstablook is a blue ghost with a triangle shaped bottom with diamonds in the blank spaces. He still has the black outlines around his eyes. He is seen holding a saxophone at the Thundersnail minigame. He no longer has headphones.


He still has his timid personality, but he isn't scared as he was in the original Undertale. He has enough courage to ask for what he wants and perform his saxophone in the Capital for the king, and has even volunteered playing his saxophone for the world on MTT Night Live.


He still uses his "happy break time" attack, but instead of tears he uses sharp and flat symbols. He still uses "dapper blook", but it's called "fancy napsta" instead.


Despite being more courageous, he still is very shy, and scared of almost anything. He is too polite for his own good, and will sometimes freeze in place and throw his "hands" up over his head. This gives you an opportunity to attack.

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