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"Heya. Name be Nadianne. Ya know what? It doesn't matter what my name is... you're dead anyways."
– Nadianne to any human but Nitro

Nadianne is a skeleton warrior. She was formerly a creator, until she had went rogue. She grew a close friendship with Nitro.



Before she had went rogue, she was kindhearted, shy, gentle, caring, quiet and innocent. After her rebellion, she had grown more serious, louder, less shy and more hotheaded. She had grown more harsh to her siblings, and is the bossiest of all of them. She often yells, is merciless, rude and lazy, yet will take the lead during a mission. She has only revealed her soft side to Nitro, which shows she does have a soft side.


She has white bones and no hair. Her pupils are light gold and circle shaped. She has several deep scars over her left eye. Her most notable abnormality is a set of skeletal wings. She has a gold chested seal around her head, similar to characters from Legondtale.

She wears a dark long sleeve shirt, a gold chestplate, black pants and red boots with matching gloves. She wears a gold cape and a brown belt with a scabbard for her sword.


She is most proficient with swords, and other man-made weapons. After she had went rogue, her brother, ITC Airstream, placed a seal on her, making her unable to use magic. Despite her lack of magic, she is powerful. She had steady hands, great coordination, exceptional balance and is incredibly athletic.


Her and Nitro have made a friendship, thus she cannot bring herself to hurt him or any variants of him, even if she is desperate. Because she cares about Nitro so much, she cannot hurt any of his friends either.


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