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Nerd and Jock Reality, or NaJ Reality, is an AU based on BlogTheGreatRouge (But, Rouge decide to pass it on to coolca4t8 on tumblr) Nerd and Jock AU. It is similar to the NaJ AU in most ways, just that the characters have their proper backstories from the actual AUs. I may have changed some to fit this AU.

Trying not to ship but some of them are too popular, so maybe, a bit emphasis on maybe. The Alphys X Undyne is highly probable, since it it canon to Undertale.

All pictures are from BlogTheGreatRouge

Undertale (True Pacifist)


The normal, True Pacifist route in Undertale. For the people who DIDN'T play are and somehow here, brief history.

  • Frisk never killed anyone
  • Frisk befriended ALL the main characters
  • Frisk fought against Asriel and spared him
  • Asriel broke the Barrier


Teacher, Home Economics, 20

Also the Cafeteria man. Serves food, makes puns and jokes. Annoys his little bro Papyrus a lot. Teaches Home Economics with Grillby.


Student, Nerd, 16

Brother of Sans. Hates his jokes, loves his scarf....the usual. Talks in a loud voice all the time. Friends with Fresh, Alphys, and Napstablook.


Student, Nerd, 16

She loves anime, manga, etc. Highly probable she's shipped with Undyne.


Student, Jock, 16

She loves anime, manga, etc. She doesn't really bully people, just beats them up when they piss her off....which is rather often. Highly probable she's shipped with Alphys.


Teacher, Home Economics, 36

Also the Cafeteria man. Serves food, keeps Sans in check. Teaches Home Economics with Sans.


Teacher, Drama, 35

Yep, Mettaton is the Drama teacher. He's actually pretty good....just that his teaching methods are.....not very good.....


Student, Jock, 16

I dunno. Was a flower.



Student, Jock, 16

Playful, very friendly, good friends with Fell. A heavy gamer, good with computers and math. Loves all his friends, very loud.

He's an AU Sans.


Student, Nerd, 18

Very chill about everything, overprotective older brother of Blue. Good friends with Edge.

He's an AU Papyrus.



Student, Jock, 16

Was very mean, and a bully, but changed after he met Blue. Now he's a rather friendly guy, also very playful and rather fond of Blue. Also a gamer.

He's an AU Sans.


Student, Jock, 18

Fell's older, taller brother. Still much of a bully, but nicer. Kind of a jerk, but rather nice once you get to know him. Friends with Carrot.

He's an AU Papyrus.



Student, Jock, 16

Error and Ink created PJ through their battles, and as a kid, Ink tried to take care of him and protect him from Error, who claimed he was a glitch. As PJ slowly grew up, Error (somehow. Haven't thought about it yet) started getting fond of PJ, and he and Ink made up.

They went to the NaJ Reality AU to start afresh.


Teacher, Art, 34

Took care of PJ when Error tried to kill him. He made up with Error after some time. Went to the NaJ Reality AU since Error wasn't destroying AUs anymore. May or may not be shipped with Error.

He's an AU Sans.


Teacher, PE, 32

Slowly grew fond of PJ and made up with Ink. Went to the NaJ Reality AU to start afresh. May or may not be shipped with Ink.

He's an AU Sans.



Student, Nerd, 16

The normal Geno X Reaper/Death (whatever you want to call him) kid. Nerd, likes books, spends time in the library. May or may not be shipped with Palette.


Teacher, Math, 30

After living in the save screen for so long, he left, with the help of Reaper/Death. The use of the Butterscotch pie, made by Toriel in Reapertale, helps to sustain his HP. His HP is, well......draining and healing at the same time.......well, if he was attacked he'd probably die. Highly probable he's shipped with Death/Reaper.

He's an AU Sans.


Teacher, English/ Literature, I dunno (he's a god, they're immortal......?)

From Reapertale. Hates his job of reaping souls. Gave his job to Undyne and told Papyrus and Alphys to keep her in order. Visits Geno frequently in the Save Screen. He asked Toriel the Goddess of Life to help Geno get out of the Save Screen without dying. She made him a Butterscotch Pie infused with her magic, so Geno doesn't die.... He tries to protect Geno to prevent someone from even trying. Highly probable he's shipped with Geno.

He's an AU Sans.


Dust and Ghost Papyrus were twins before the entire Genocide fiasco.


Student, Nerd (glasses), Jock (no glasses), 16

From DustTale. Went insane and killed everyone. After killing Chara multiple times, he finally regained some sort of sanity and realized what he did. He went back to his house, with Ghost Papyrus, and tried to find some way to control the insane, killer side of him. He put on his glasses, the ones when he was working with Gaster (his dad) until he fell into the core. The glasses helped him control the killer side of him, and gave him his nerdy personality.

He went to the NaJ Reality AU to start afresh, but before he did so, he collected whatever remained of Papyrus. He did whatever he could to bring Papyrus back, but the most he could do was to give Papyrus a bit of his soul, resulting in a ghostly Papyrus whose attitude also changes based on Dust's because of having the same soul.

He's an AU Sans.

Ghost Papyrus

(there is nothing here cause only Dust can see him), 16

Same as above, ghost brother of Dust. Personality changes along with Dust, and can only be seen if he wants to be seen. Follows Dust around, and they can communicate telepathically due to sharing the same soul. Personality with Dust's glasses on - Normal, happy, Papyrus. Likes to mess with him. Other personality - well, kinda like Underfell Papyrus, mean, encourages Dust to hurt, kill, harm others....etc.

He's an AU Papyrus.



Teacher, Astrology, 27

After fighting with Nightmare all the time, he managed to create a Golden Apple, and gave it to Nightmare, causing the effects of all the Dark Apples to reverse. With the destruction of DreamTale from their battles, there was no use in staying. He brought Nightmare to NaJ Reality. Good friends with Ink.

He's an AU Sans.


Student, Jock, 16

Dream's adopted kid. I dunno much about him. Cheerleader captain, hyperactive, loud, friendly. May or may not be shipped with Goth.



Teacher, History, 27

Ate a Golden Apple by Dream and turned back to normal. Followed Dream to NaJ Reality to start afresh. Good friends with Error. When angry, it's proven that a bit of him will turn into his other form.

He's an AU Sans.

That's all I have for now.

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