This is why I can't be left alone.

Mythswitch is yet another switch-up AU, whether you like it or not.

This AU contains mostly OCs.


Main characters

  • MK is the main protagonist.
  • Ragel is a soulless mushroom. He sends "Friendliness seeds" at Monster Kid, which are actually harmful bullets.
  • Nikki is the caretaker of the Ruins.
  • Alex is the laid back sister of Alice and the final boss of the Genocide Route.
  • Alice just wants to capture a certain species of armless lizard monsters so she can join the Royal Guard.
  • Nitro is the Head of the Royal Guard and the best friend of Alice.
  • Scora is the Royal Scientist.
  • Lucario is the star of the Underground.
  • Nick is the King of the Underground.
  • Mae possesses Monster Kid during the Genocide Route.
  • Ian is the deceased child of Nikki and Nick.

Minor characters

  • Maguto is the owner of "Maguto's", and diner in Snowdin. He gets very angry if his number one customer, Alex, is killed.
  • Sam is a melancholic human. He is Lucario's cousin.

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