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MylenaHoodTale is an Alternative Universe of Undertale where the cast is swapped with some of the characters who made up the Author's childhood, hence why this AU name is a mix of Mylena (real-life name of the creator of the AU), her childhood, and Undertale.

About the AU

The plot of the AU is the following: All the cartoons were in peace, but the Discovery Kid Cartoons (the replacement of the Monsters based on the International Shows of Discovery Kids) ended up in conflict with all the others, causing them to be sealed in Mount Cartoonist. Legends say that those who climb this Mount are cancelled, until Pucca entered it and started a journey to return to the Cartoon Surface.

Characters (at least,the main ones)


Origin Show: Pucca/Pucca: Funny Love

Role: Frisk

Design Changes: Gains two purple lines in her dress, like Frisk has in her shirt.

Chosen Reason: Both are young protagonists, both are caring (Pacifist Frisk, anyhow), but both can be aggressive (Neutral Frisk or, in a more "incorrect" sense, the Genocide Frisk/Chara-possessed Frisk).


Origin Show: Jelly Jamm

Role: Chara

Design Changes: Instead of a flower in her dress, she has a white line. She also has pink cheeks.

Chosen Reason: Rita and Chara don't really match each other, but she's probably around a similar age to Pucca just like Chara was of similar age with Frisk when she fell into Underground.

Angelina Ballerina

Origin Show: Angelina Ballerina/Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps

Role: Toriel

Design Changes: Uses a dress like the one Toriel wears, but it is pink instead of purple and has a rose in the belt. Still has a bow on the head and ballerina shoes.

Chosen Reason: Both are nice and sweet, but can also be clever.

Tyrone and Pablo

Origin Show: The Backyardigans (curiously, it's the AU Creator's most dear one.)

Role: Sans and Papyrus

Design Changes: Tyrone wears a dark blue hoodie with an orange line. Pablo wears a small blue scarf and red gloves (his hat and bow are still present).

Chosen Reason: Both Tyrone and Sans are more easy-going and laid back, compared to Pablo and Papyrus, who are both enthusiasts.


Origin Show: WordGirl

Role: Undyne

Design Changes: In the "armor" outfit, she uses the same hero clothing of her show (but with sharper boots and armor belt). Her date outfit is her secret identity outfit.

Chosen Reason: Both are the current battlers in their worlds, but still have some flaws.


Origin Show: LazyTown (The AU Creator's second dear one.)

Role: Alphys

Design Changes: She wears a lab coat with pink and magenta. She has the same pants and sneakers as her original design.

Chosen Reason: Both seem to have their own issues that they try to hide with lies (if you have seen the LazyTown episode where the titular town gained an circus, you'll understand).


Origin Show: Discovery Kid Mascot/Doki

Role: Asgore

Design Changes: He gains the cape and crown like Asgore. The difference is the color of the cape (a Lime one).

Chosen Reason: Both are the most remembered figures in their worlds.

Dodo (or Do the Dodo)

Origin Show: Jelly Jamm

Role: Flowey

Design Changes: None.

Chosen Reason: Both are the smallest ones in their normal forms.


Origin Show: Pocoyo

Role: Asriel

Design Changes: He gains yellow stripes on his shirt.

Chosen Reason: Both are innocent children, but can notice their errors.


  • Both of The Fallen Cartoons are female.
  • A soul without body is a sketch of the past host of the soul.
  • All the souls, instead of being flat colored, are colored childishly (full of lines). Discovery Kid Cartoons have a "K" (The logo of the Channel Discovery Kids) in the center of their souls.
  • To "Cancel" someone has the same meaning as to "Kill" someone (probably to light up the dark air of the original Undertale to an AU where the characters are from shows directed for young audience).
  • The route names are the following:
  1. Normal Run (Neutral Run)
  2. Caring Run/Friendship Run/True Kindness Run (True Pacifist Run)
  3. Evil Run/Bad Guy Run/Conquerer Run/Destroyer Run (Genocide Run)


None. If you want to compose any music for this AU, tell the AU Creator on her tumblr.


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