Long Time Ago There Lived Two Races Humans And Video Game Monsters the monsters declared war on the humans after a long battle the humans won they sealed the monsters undeground with a magic spell


Sans=Bendy (Bendy And The Ink Machine)

Papyrus=Boris (Bendy And The Ink Machine)

Undyne=Foxy (Five Nights At Freddys)

Alphys=Joey Drew (Bendy And The Ink Machine)

Mettaton=Ballora (Fnaf Sister Location)

Muffet=Lolbit (FNAF WORLD)

Napstablook=Tattletail (Tattletail)

Chara=Spooky (Spookys Jumpscare Mansion)

Flowey=Mama (Tattletail)

Toriel=Alice The Angel

Asgore=Freddy Fazbear (Five Nights At Freddys)

Burgerpants=Nightguard (Five Nights At Freddys)

Frisk=Kid (Kindergarten)

Gaster=Sammy (Bendy And The Ink Machine)

Temmies=Octodad (Octodad Daddyliest Catch)

Asriel Dreemurr=Sans (Undertale)

Omega Flowey=Giygas (Earthbound)

True Ending

In the true ending you meet up with freddy fazbear he is about to fight when alice the angel attacks freddy then all the charcters come and think you will be ok living in the Underground Thats Until Mama Attacks Them Taking Their Souls She Then Says To The Player If They Win They Wont Want To Play Anymore And Then Mama Attacks Them With Their Bullets Until Alice The Angel Blocks The Attack And Then Everyone Blocks The Attack And Then All The Monsters Surroned Mama Giving The Player More HP But Mama Knowning How Stupid They Are Takes Their Souls And Turns Into Sans And Fights The Player Thats Until Sans Rembers Who He Was.

Bad Ending

In The Bad Ending After Killing Everyone You Meet Bendy In The Judgement Hall with these words "Heya you been busy huh?" "so i got a question for you" "do you think even the most terrible person can change?" "that everyone can be a good person and just make a indie game?" "heh well heres a better question." "do you wanna have a ink time?" "cause if you take another step foward" "your really not gonna like what happpnes next" "welp sorry alice this is why i never make promises" and then you fight with bendy bendy knows about the timeline resets when you beat bendy you meet up with freddy and killing him with 1 blow then mama appears saying it was a trick and she said we can still have a good ending i can help i can i can......please dont kill me.... and then the player kills them and spooky appears thus killing the player and they sold their soul to spooky.



Bendy Inks Back=

Im Bendy=

Your New Tattletail=

Hook Of Might=



Tattletail Fight=

Duel Against A Angry Fox=


Pun And Laugh=

Lolbit dance=

Your Best Toy=

Death By Danceing=

Power Of Dancing=

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