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In this AU, Muffet is replacing the judge (Sans in Undertale).


Smaller than the original one, while her eyes can't be seen on the original one, here we can see them in the two main eyes holes. She had six hands and two feet. She also wear a jacket like sans.

In Battle

Generate spikes of webs and can call spiders for help. She also spit venom at you sometime.


  • Friends: Undyne, Dummy (barmen in snowdin), Grillby (ruin's dummy), Asriel and Alphys.
  • Neutral: Mettaton and Monster kid
  • Hate: Toriel, Asgore and Temmeh (the flower)


Muffet come from a large family and she have five sisters which can't be seen in the game. During her free time she like to read books at the library. She also take news from Alphys at her home in the ruins.

Trivia & Quotes

-In genocide you can see her secondary eyes in red.

-She don't very care of what peoples make of their live and their choices as long as it don't affect Asriel or her best friend Undyne.


Every Routes:
Meowiiiiiii! Ah!! Sorry! I don't want to scare you, hihihi! That is the first time I see a human! I'm so glad to meet you! If that is your first time down here, I have to indroduce you to my best friend Undyne! And you must see snowdin hihhihihi, come with me!
— Muffet (DarkTale) when you meet her
Genocide Route:
You killed a lot of monsters, did you? hihihihi! Don't worry, I'm not going to blame you for all of them.... mmwwhhhyyy have you killed Asriel and Undyne, hum ? . . . Okiiii, okiiiiii... I totally understand, peoples like you are never satisfied. If you decide to kill them it's your choice after all!! . . .Meowwiii I have no lesson to teach to you, I have aldready accidently killed peoples in the past.... Did you know Gaster? Yup, the old friend of Asriel... He was to smart for his age, he make a plan to kill all of us, before he launch his plan, I killed him and save Asriel from is terriible fate. ........ It just to tell you, don't make the same mistake, you will empty all this world just for fun?! Mowwwwww Think about that my friend or maybe ancient friend? Let the destiny decides about our fates. This is our last battle. Let's battle!!!!
— Muffet (DarkTale) at the last corridor (Monologue)

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