"Oh, so all of a sudden, my wares ain't any good? Ya know what is good? Fresh human."
– Esa before her battle, if nothing was purchased at her parlor

Createsans otherwise known as Esa, s the Buddytale version of Muffet. She sells Coffee and Doughnuts, because I love that stuff.



She is a scavenger and a collector, though most describe it as stealing and hoarding. She gets angry when Mickrunner passes through without purchasing, even though her wares cost 9999 gold. Unlike Classic Muffet, she is not fancy and polite, but is loud and hotheaded. If something is purchased in Hotland, she thanks Mick before leaving, and is not seen again until the credits (I think).


She has shoulder length fur at the top of her head, representing hair, which is dark grey, light grey fur and yellow eyes. She has the "mask" of a raccoon, a large fluffy tail and is bipedal.

She wears a denim jacket, a white T-shirt, a black skirt and red boots.


  • Buddytale Muffet is the only character filled by Createsans that is not a half human.


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