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Long ago, two races ruled together over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. Humans and Monsters lived and work together in harmony and all was well. After the Monster King’s son was executed for the death of a human child, tensions grew and broke out into an all-out war. Families were torn apart as monsters were captured. Many fled to the underground for safety and those that resisted were killed.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious. To make sure the monsters stayed in their place, the humans sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Legends say that those who climb Mount Ebott never return.


Demi is the fallen human in the story of Mothertale. Her daughter Espy has mysteriously vanished and she believes she has fallen down Mount Ebott. Humans and surface monsters are banned from going near the mountain since it was sealed long ago. With six children and now her own daughter gone missing also, she sneaks up the mountain and climbs down- only to end up falling down herself. - -Mothertale - The Beginning


Humans and Monsters once lived together peacefully on the surface. Families formed among the two, resulting in half-breeds, which was looked down upon. When war broke out after, families were torn apart. Most monsters fled to the underground and some were captured, but those who fought back were killed. The captured monsters and half-breeds were sent to camps and were eventually released, but segregated from humans and strictly under surveillance. Most human parents of a half-breed child/children were forced to give up their children if the monster parent was killed and the child would end up in an boarding school where they were taught that the monster part of them made them 'demonic'. The children were eventually released to their parents when the child deemed to not be a threat. Children without parents or a guardian were left in the boarding school until they were 16.

Humans crossbreeding with monsters and half breeds became illegal as the government wanted to keep the half breed monster population at a minimum. Half-breeds were able to use magic, but with the majority of the monsters underground and the monsters above ground refusing the government's demand to teach the half breeds how to control their magic, the government realized that it was extremely dangerous to have a large population of half breeds (they believed the monsters would revolt). Before it became illegal, the government had a secret program while the monsters were in camp, forcing the monsters to breed with humans. The offspring would be used as weapons for the wars. The program shut down after an accident that took place in the labs where.

All monsters were registered after being let out of the camps and are routinely counted to ensure the law wasn't broken. Those who were caught breaking this law had their children thrown down into Mt. Ebott. Monsters and half breeds could have offspring with each other, as the magic became more stable the more monster DNA the child had.

The half-breeds who manage to make it underground lived peacefully until the Royal Scientist, W.D. Gaster vanished. The new scientist, Alphys experimented with artificial DETERMINATION, which resulted in the amalgamates. She kept this from the public, but announced that the experiments were successful, but real DETERMINATION could possibly break the barrier. DT was only present in living half breeds and the DT of the half breeds weakened overtime when the monster were sealed, resulting in the genocide of half-breeds who lived Underground to collect DT. In the end, the experiments failed as a half breeds determination could not be separated from their magic as both dissipated as soon as they were separated. Their dust was collected in jars and and stored in the TRUE LAB along with the amalgamates.


Introduced so far...

Demi - The main character of this AU. A half breed with lightning magic, other skills are not known at this time.

Espy - Is Demi's daughter who is unable to talk, but makes use of sign language .

Flowey - The first monster Demi meets in the underground. Kills her and when she restarts, he tries to kill her a second time. Flowey is launched away when Toriel appears and uses fire magic against him.

Toriel - The caretaker of the Ruins. (She takes the same role)

Other characters:

Napstablook: (same role) Befriended Demi when she played him a tune on her guitar. Looks good in a tophat.

Sans: Is contemplating genocide to stop the human. Meets Demi and decides to hold out one more time since he's never dealt with an 'fallen woman'. Suspicious of Demi as she can use magic. His eyes aren't as bright as they usually appear due to becoming jaded after so many resets. Still a pun master.

Papyrus: (Same role) Noticed his brother's mood is worse than usual and tries (with the human's help) to make things better. Befriends the human and is excited to learn how to drive when he reaches the surface.


This is a Au of this Au its a combination of the two Au's Mothertale and Demitale. Not much is known at the moment about this AU but, artwork and concepts are available.