Long ago, two races ruled together over Earth: HUMANS and MONSTERS. Humans and Monsters lived and work together in harmony and all was well. After the Monster King’s son was executed for the death of a human child, tensions grew and broke out into an all-out war. Families were broken apart as monsters were captured. Many fled to the underground for safety and those that resisted were killed.

After a long battle, the humans were victorious. To make sure the monsters stayed in their place, the humans sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Legends say that those who climb Mount Ebott never return.

About the AU

Demi is the fallen human in the story of Mothertale. Her daughter Espy has mysteriously vanished and she believes she has fallen down Mount Ebott. Humans and surface monsters are banned from going near the mountain since it was sealed long ago. With six children and now her own daughter going missing also, she sneaks up the mountain and climbs down- only to end up falling down herself. - -Mothertale - The Beginning

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