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"it's all gone...and i can't fix it"

"if you see hope here you must to be crazy"
frisk/ Moretale

Moretale an Undertale AU created by Hichame201dragon .

About the AU

in this AU Frisk goes the genocide route and kills everybody near the end of genocide sans was so weak and he tried to fight frisk but he failed frisk left him alive to make him see how weak he was in the end frisk killed flowey and asgore but chara didn't appear .

Later frisk got seven souls and made a robot army to control the underground and later they control all of the earth and the only hope of humans and monsters is sans .


sans here sans want to make a time machine to return back and save everybody .Mistakenly he made machine moving on multiverse so he trying to collect the largest number of sans to help him. in this tale is unlike the original he is so shy and more gentle and get scared so easily , but he still make bad jokes .

Frisk here frisk is the bad guy he got all the monsters abilities (except sans) also frisk get 7 humans souls .later frisk known what sans do he make his robot army also move between multiverse to catch sans and also to get large number of villains in multiverse to help him.

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