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Moontale was created by Tumblr User CanvasTheShipper, Canvas here on the Wiki, CanvasTheShipper on Wattpad.


Imagine a world where magic is heavily biased, good. Now imagine a 11 year old male Frisk who has the power of Determination, and was tasked to find a specific herb.

That herb was said to grow on Mt. Ebott, a mysterious place that 6 other human children had went to, but never returned back with the flower of Fury; said to cure all insanity. This Frisk was meant to get the flower, and to cure his father of the ailment of insanity.

Now, imagine Frisk seeing the flower growing on a ledge, near the gaping hole where the story begins, as he reached for it; he trips and falls. Moontale now occurs after this incident.

Character differences

Frisk is male, now wears a silver and black sweater, has shorter hair then the canon. When Frisk falls into the underground, instead of a bandaid and stick, he has the Fury flower and a silver-colored, wand-like stick.

Chara is female, now wears a grey smoky colored sweater with black stripes on it. The only way to get rid of Chara would be to reset of course during a genocide run, or eating the flower, however it makes Frisk's hope go down -1 permanently. But she always comes back.

Flowey is now a red poinsettia with thorns around his stem, 'friendliness' is turned into 'trusting' in his pellets.

Toriel now uses a beam like attack, similar to Sans'. However, it is thicker and does not go across the battle box. Her atk goes up by ^8.

Sans wears an indigo coat now, along with a purple spiral pattern on his left hand, he also has a yellow crescent moon pattern on his left eyesocket, and is more suspicious, yet gullible.

Papyrus wears black-fading-into-white armor battler armor with spikes around the shoulder blades, his right eyesocket has a purple pattern of a star.

Undyne is always more stronger then usual, to get her to spare you, you must have a limited edition cinnabun from the Snowdin shopkeep.

Asgore is now a huger softy, if Frisk still has the butterscotch cinnamon pie, he can give it to Asgore so he can spare him, but Flowey kills him anyway BECAUSE HE IS FLOWEY.

Some minor monsters like Froggit, Woshua, or Tsundereplane will have more...Medival styles,well..For Tsundereplane, she has more of a rocky, more rough looking appearance