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Make3.0Shine takes the role of Monster Kid in UnderYou. Shine is a young child who will never stop until he sees his idol, Raytaygirl, do something cool.



Shine wears a yellow shirt with brown stripes. His sleeves are clearly too long for his arms, and because of that, he often gets the sleeves stuck in something on the ground. He also wears glasses.


Shine doesn't really look up to Raytaygirl, in a sense. He just wants to see her do cool stuff because people keep saying she's the coolest. He is also a quarter Sans, as he gives you a bad time on the Genocide Route. Unlike Monster Kid, he's always trying to find a logical conclusion to everything, and is always studying his surroundings.

On the Genocide Route, Shine is not scared and fights for everyone in the world.

Main Story

Neutral Route

You can first meet him in Snowdin, where he recognises you as a human child. He then proceeds to inform you about their tradition and offers a gift for you, which is a Sweet Panini (it heals all HP). He also reveals he was born on the day the tradition started. If you killed anyone before you met Shine, he will not have offered you a gift.

You then later see him again in Waterfall, where he says he

wants to defend you against Raytaygirl. Unlike Monster Kid, he is not oblivious to the fact she wants to kill the protagonist.

Later, on the bridge at the end of Waterfall, Shine confesses how he likes the protagonist as a friend, but everyone would judge him for being friends with a human, so Shine tries his best to hate you. In the end, he goes home, trips on his own sleeve. The protagonist then has to make a choice:

  • Save him: The protagonist has to go up to him and pull him back up, and then Shine points one of his guns at Raytaygirl, who backs off. He then wishes the human good luck, says he can't wait to tell his friends what happened, remarks he has no friends, and leaves.
  • Stand still: If you do nothing, his sleeve will eventually rip and Shine will fall. However, he hangs out, and threatens that he will fight you. Later, in the Raytaygirl fight, when she needs water, Shine jumps in and battles you. Though the battle is not as hard as the Genocide battle, it's as hard as the Undyne fight.
  • Challenge Raytaygirl: If you instead run to Raytaygirl, his sleeve will rip, resulting in him falling, but again, he hangs on. Then, later, he battles you.
  • Flee: If you move onto the next room, nothing will happen, but later on, you will fight Shine.

True Pacifist Route

Shine is seen cheering you on while TheDarkDecent is trying to kill you. After the Jetrashipper fight, he is seen in Snowdin, and congratulates you on your victory. He then reveals that he found someone cooler than Raytaygirl, who turns out to be AskGus. In the credits, he is seen attending Corly's school.

Genocide Route

On the Genocide Route, on the bridge, he confronts not the human, but the player. He admits he feels sorry for their pitiful lives and how they have to do Genocide to amuse themselves. Of course, the protagonist moves towards Shine, but he does not step back. Instead, he steps forward, making the protagonist step back. He then admits he would like to believe in you, and knows that in another timeline, they were friends, but then the protagonist engages battle with him while he was crying.

  • If the protagonist attacks Shine, Raytaygirl takes the hit. Before Raytaygirl could say anything, Shine expresses to the player how mad he is and brings out his two guns while Raytaygirl goes Undying. They then both battle you. If you kill Raytaygirl first, she apologises to Shine, who doesn't give up and is stronger. He then, like Undyne or Alphys NEO, starts to melt, and then turns to dust.
  • If the protagonist spares Shine, he says he will keep an eye on them, and goes away. If the protagonist kills anyone after, Shine then battles the protagonist.

If the protagonist died during the battle, then Shine will engage in combat with you immediately.


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