Hewwo! My Name Wunar!
— Lunar Introducing himself
Lunar Freeze
Lunar Freeze is Messy & Tinsle's blood related son, the youngest one too, at 2 months old. He's smart for his age, even though he's a Baby Umbreon who wears Psychic Type Diapers 24/7, but, that won't stop him from being seen in public wearing his Diapers. He has a lisp when he talks, so his speech isn't that of his Daddy Messy. He LOVES sweets. He actually knows Poison Fang.

Art by Ya-King on Deviantart.

Original Art of Lunar by inkyroo on Deviantart.


  • In the actual Pokemon Games, Umbreon can't learn Poison Fang, but, you can give them impossible attacks outside the games.

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