"Yo! You're a kid too, right? I can tell 'cause you're wearing a striped shirt."
– Talking to Corly in The Snowy Mess

Corly is a young Mobian who stops at nothing to see her idol SomeRandomWriter in action.



Corly is a black, hedgehog mobian,Black hair and Light blue eyes. Frequently running everywhere, she trip and fall often. She wear a lavender shirt with purple stripes.


Corly looks up to SomeRandomWriter as a role model. She are an innocent mobian who assumes an energetic attitude that pervades most of their actions. She seem to be a bit naive, as well as a bit clumsy, as she trip frequently. She also use words like "c'mon," "dude," and "yo" frequently, usually considered childlike ways of interaction.

Despite the protagonist notably frightening Corly during the Genocide Route (once she discover the protagonist's intentions), she stand up to the protagonist with an intense expression, ready to protect the Underground, trying to act like SomeRandomWriter. Choosing to spare her and abort the route reverts her back to a more favorable opinion of the protagonist, showing a rather forgiving nature.

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