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In this AU, Monster Kid is replacing the outrageous vendor (Muffet in Undertale).


Like the original one but have now scales on his back, he also get hands with claws, a spike on his head.

In Battle

He scratch through all the battle square, he also try to hit you with his tail. Sometimes he chase you and try to bite you.


  • Friends: Charies
  • Neutral: All others..
  • Hate: Mettaton


He sell drinks and foods in illegality at his headquarters somewhere between the core and new home.

Trivia & Quotes

-He sell foods and drinks to other lizards and sometimes famous monsters like Toriel or Alphys.

-Foods and drinks are only a facade, he also sell drugs and pills.


Every Routes:
Toriel... as usual I suppose? Okay! What about you Dummy (barmen in snowdin), you need something? ....
— Monster Kid (DarkTale) doing his business when you arrived
Genocide Route:
Ah!!! Tell me, that's mettaton who sent you here, right?! They know what I'm doing there?!! .... What? You came here to kill me and mettaton will be the next?!! I don't like him, but I will fight for him! Prepare to die!!
— Monster Kid (DarkTale) before his last fight

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