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MonsterTale is an Undertale AU that takes place on the Surface. Before the time that the Human-Monster War took place*, Monsters struck out against Humans, leading to the Monster Revolution. Eventually, the Monsters were victorious, and each empire involved divided up the world into their empires, with the remaining Humans fleeing to the south-east most part of the world.

Empires - Leaders - Monster Type

The Dreemurr Dynasty - Asgore Dreemurr - Goat


Quezlcoatlian Tribe - Quezlcoatl - Jungle Serpent Dragon


Viracocha Empire - Viracocha - Giant Spider


Aster Empire - Textura - Skeleton

The Aster Empire is most known for their awe inspiring Industry.

Egyptian Empire - Horus - Skeletal Humanoid Jackal

The Egyptian Empire is most known for their frightful mastery of Magic

Persia - Arash - Giant Scorpion

Persia is most well known for it's massive army.

Xin - Xin - Chinese Dragon

Xin is most known for their invincible tactics.


  • Every leader is a Boss Monster.
  • Xin was originally supposed to be named Qin, but due to a mistake done by Alphasaith, it was made to be Xin.
  • The Aster Empire is able to hold so much territory with hostile empires close by because of their extreme industrial might.
    MonsterTale World Map

    World Map

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