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Mix!Tale Boy Chara, not to be confused with regular Boy Chara or Mix!Chara, is a universe hopper and creator who is the In-Universe creator of the entirety of Mix!Tale, essentially being my version of the Toby Dog. He wears the SOUL locket, which allows him to absorb SOULs that aren't in their body, and he wields the True Knife, allowing him to cut through opponents with ease.


Telekinesis - Mix!Tale Boy Chara is capable of using Telekinesis to throw his enemies around by moving his right arm up, down, left or right.

Laser Knife - Quite simply, Laser knife is an ability Mix!Tale Boy Chara has that allows him to shoot beams of colour out of his knife. Effects are:

BLUE - No Damage if staying still

ORANGE - No Damage if moving

WHITE - Average attack damage

RED - Damage is multiplied by 1/4 of the opponent's defense

GREEN - Does nothing at all.

Teleportation - Mix!Tale Boy Chara is able to teleport to other places and universes at will.

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