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Main Description

Mix!Tale is an Undertale alternate universe in which every area is approximately 4x larger than the original and seem to be combinations of multiple universes. It still has all the areas, including Gaster Door, and has a wormhole at the top of mt Ebbot that links to smaller wormholes that can appear in most places of most universes.

Mix!tale is mostly a universe for characters from other AUs to hang out, but it still has it's own inhabitants, who appear to be mashups of the other versions of themselves (hence the prefix 'Mix').


Mix!Sans - Mix!Sans, nicknamed 'Mix', acts a lot like classic sans, with the addition of a worse temper and better energy, and can look like nearly any combination of Sanses, but usually sticks as Classic with Geno's eye cloud, Fresh's cap, Ink's star eye and Error-esque perpetual crying.

Mix!Papyrus - Mix!Papyrus, nicknamed 'Nyeh great Mixpyrus', acts mostly like a calmer, slightly lazier classic papyrus, and can look like most combinations of Papyruses, but prefers looking like Classic with disbelief's jacket (but undamaged), Swap's cigar, Fell's mouth and a hand-held bone.

Mix!Tale Boy Chara- Not to be confused with Mix!Chara, Mix!Tale Boy Chara is the in-universe creator of Mix!Tale, essentially my version of the Toby Dog.

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