Minustale is an Alternate Universe of Undertale. But due to a break down of codes between Plustale and Minustale, their codes were mixed. Plustale took some of Minustale's special things. The awesome thing about Minustale is that there are only 2 routes. (Plustale has 2 genocide routes because it took away all the human weapons and armor from Minustale)

Basically, all characters will have the same sort of personality to them from Undertale but they will have something missing. This applies to the places and music in Minustale.

For example, Sans in Minustale will not be at Grillbys (Because there is no Grillbys!), he wears a zipped hoodie, is grayish blue, and his gaster blasters don't have eyes. Also Sans doesn't drink ketchup and unfortunately for us... He doesn't have any good puns. His megalovania sounds like a mix of Mafia Sans and Geno Sans theme.

Practically everything in Minustale is just a little duller and less enthusiastic.

Character Changes


No Genocide route. Only Pacifist and Soulless Pacifist (No weapons, so forget about killing.)


This Flowey doesn't have an 'evil' smile. He lacks self-confidence as well. But at least he will still try to teach us to fight. DIE.


Sorry tor. You don't have a thing with Sansy even though he is very 'bonely' And HOW DARE PLUSTALE STEAL YOUR CINNAMON AND BUTTERSCOTCH PIE FROM YOU! And how come you didn't fireball Flowey or Asgore? lol get rickrolled soriel fans ;)


Won't be at Grillbys. You've lost some of your sense of humor and... your music is just depressing. At least you still have a bro.


Papyrus you don't use your capital letters any more. That's... sad.

Monster Kid

He doesen't want to see Undyne as much as he used to. At least he's enthusiastic enough to stand back up when he falls over!


Dude! What happened to your spears? They're gray. And what's with your music? It's so... legato all of a sudden. How about your crush on Al... Nevermind.


Alphys! you actually haven't changed that much. You're just not the royal scientist, and when did you need to use a... oh right. Plustale stole your sense of sight. ( Plustale Alphys doesn't need glasses.) And that crush, oh yeah. They stole that too.


What happened to the star of the show? At least your music is still in time. You're so much like Undertale Papyrus, always trying to be the star but failing.


Where is your purple? You are all gray. But still. Frisky, you better win before you have a death by glamour.


Luckily for us, he doesn't destroy the mercy button.

Omega Flowey

You still lack self-confidence, but you have enough to try to KILL.


Congrats! You are the only character doesn't lose anything to Plustale!

Asriel Dremurr absolute god of HYPERDEATH!

Rip. Spoilers! You die. Plustale managed to take your life.


Sorry. You don't even EXIST!

Location Changes

Human World

PLUSTALE STOLE ALL THE HUMANS IN MINUSTALE. ( after the humans made the barrier.)


Music is slower and there are no red leaves to 'playfully crinkle' through.


Music loses all festive personality. Also, there are no Christmas trees and no Grillby.


This place is already quite empty. But Plustale still managed to grab Minustale Waterfall's Echo Flowers.

Temmie Village

This place... PLUSTALE STOLE ALL DE TEMMIES! except for the hidden Temmie. Its the only one you can talk to there.


The puzzles turned off because Alphys happened.

MTT resort

Doesn't exist.


It's all black and white. Not just New home. Also, the elevator is relatively short.

Judgment Hall

Sans? What are you doing here? Oh ok. He reminded me that Plustale stole that as well.

Asgore's garden

All the flowers...why. Why are they all dying?


It doesn't seem to be 'minused'.



Please don't judge this because it is my first article. Also sorry if this title already exists.

Inkygenlphys.Also all the monsters have - minus signs on them.

Other names - Underminus

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