As there is too much information for one page, the minor cast of UTAUWikiTale has been moved here.

If you would like a role in the UTAUWikiTale, pick a role from the UTAUWikiTale unclaimed roles page and request the role from LunaDeaminac on her wall, NOT HERE.

For those who HAVE a role, please create a page on the UTAUWikiTale Wiki

It would be helpful to the author of the series (and make your inclusion easier when the story comes that far) if you provide:

  • personality,
  • flavour text,
  • design,
  • how you attack,
  • how you are spared
  • any ACTs you would like
  • and your reaction to those ACTs.

Otherwise you will be at the MERCY of my imagination. (I'll probably default you to something similar to the canon version though.) Rather than ACTs for those in vendor roles, you can provide more flavour text as you will have 'talk' options. For those in NPC roles, do either and I will add it accordingly. If you want, specify a run that you want something to occur in (geno/neutral/paci only fights and dialogue for example)

Gaster related


  • The Wiki's founder.
  • Takes the role of W. D. Gaster.
  • Nothing is really known about them.

All that were Admin under Flora-Frisky

  • The Gaster Followers.
  • They are non-existent.

Lesser pages

Fandom User

  • Takes role of Froggit. All Fandom User's personalities are different, except for disliking a random Administrator.
  • They all simultaneously hate and fear Createsans.


  • Takes role of Moldsmall.


  • Takes the role of Migosp.


Average area part1


  • Takes the role of Jerry.


  • Takes the role of the Snowman.


  • Takes the role of Lesser Dog.
  • Is a skeleton dog
  • Was Cinder's skele-dog before Cinder got globally blocked.


  • Takes Role of Dogamy.


  • Takes the role of Greater Dog.


  • Takes role of Grillby.
  • Brother of Createsans.
  • Can speak, but often doesn't.
  • Most common customer is unknown for the time being.


  • Takes the role of the Snowdin Shopkeeper
  • Has a blue mini droid in the background. Not for sale.



  • Takes the role of River Person.


  • Takes role of Monster Kid
  • Just wants to be noticed as someone who can do good things
  • Is extremely friendly


  • Takes the role of Chilldrake
  • Acts rebellious, but in reality is shy and unconfident.
  • Likes manga and roleplaying.
  • Very vulnerable to criticism, and often cries due to it when not acting tough.

Frosted sky fire

  • Takes role of Ice Wolf in Snowdin Town.


  • Doggo

Soulless Nacho

Average area part2


  • Takes the role of Gerson.
  • Please add personality.


  • Takes the role of Aaron.
  • Obsessed with technology and outer space.
  • Loves to draw and play video games.
  • Can be very random.

Construction Temlings

  • They take the roles of the Temmies (With the exception of Bob.)
  • Not very smart.
  • Always trying to build things but not to a great standard.


  • Takes the role of Bob.


  • Onionsan


  • Takes the role of Woshua.
  • Likes seeing neat and organized pages.
  • Hates people who have bad grammar.


  • Takes the role of Moldbygg.
  • Not made of jello, he's made of bubbles!
  • Attacks are the same. But with stars.
  • He is poorly built due to a failed experiment involving dish soap.


  • Takes the role of Ragel

Greater Area


  • Takes role of random Hotland monster.
  • Nicknamed David.


Takes the role of Vulkin


  • Takes the role of Bratty.


  • Takes the role of Catty.
  • Sells junk behind the MTT Resort.


  • Takes the role of Pyrope
  • Can be found in hotland
  • Doesn't have any relations with anyone


  • Takes the role of RG01
  • Has a close relationship with RG02


  • Takes the role of RG02
  • Has a close relationship with RG01


  • Takes the role of Muffet
  • Pacifist relation with everyone

Chara Cookie

  • Takes role of Tsunderplane


  • Takes the role of Heats Flamesman
  • Wishes peoples didn't forgot his name

Security zone

Crazy Nude Artist Sans

  • Takes the role of Burgerpants.
  • Was the one that originally killed TNF.
  • Works for TNF by assisting in the creation and distribution of sprites.
  • Wears a pair of Burgerpants shorts in this AU, which ironically contradicts his name.
  • Likes to call himself Crazy Pantsed Artist Burger, but everyone calls him CNAS.
  • He doesn't have any of his powers except his paint power, which is heavily toned down.


  • Takes the role of Madjick
  • Almost the same as the original Madjick


  • Takes the role of Knight Knight

Midnight from DITLOR

  • Takes the role as the MTT Receptionist.

Behind the scenes