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Gaster related

  • Createsans is the forgotten scientist.
    • She configured technology to keep herself alive, in the form of a doll.
    • Unlike classic Gaster, under very rare measures, she has a fight.
  • Those that Createsans made a Mod are Gasters Followers.

Lesser Area

  • NonconspiciousProxyUser is the first user encountered as a random encounter.
    • They simultaneously hate and fear Flora.

Average Area pt1

  • IceLoverMei is the role of Lesser Dog.
    • They were formerly Ink's dog.
  • Oheo4 is the role of Dogamy.
  • Neon1Umbreon is the role of Greater Dog.
    • Their armor makes them bigger than they are.
  • Crazy Nude Artist Sans is the role of Grillby.
    • Nitro and him have a rivalry.
    • Most popular customer is unknown.
  • Thendertalefan355 is the role of Monster kid.
    • They just want to be recognized as a do-gooder.
  • Max041 is the role of Chilldrake.

Average Area pt2

  • Bureaucrats are the roles of Construction Tems.
    • They are not very intelligent, but are smarter than the Tems in UTAUWikiTale.

Greater Area

  • Cyaneworks is a random Hotland monster.
  • AskGus is the role of Muffet.

Security Zone

  • Punkred66 is the role of Burgerpants.
    • He does not smoke.

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