Minertale is an AU that places characters from Minecraft into the roles of Undertale characters.It dosent have anything to link to.


Steve is Frisk

Alex is Chara

Herobrine is Sans

Notch is Papyrus

Bill Gates is Mettaton and his bombs have a creeper face painted on them

Jeb is Asgore

Villagers are Temmies

Flowey is the same but as a Minecraft flower

Gaster Blasters are white Enderdragon heads

The test subjects in Minecraftian (A Minecraft Movie) are the Souls the first one Steve rescues the female with the blue pants blue shirt and red shirt is kindness the second one he rescues with the beard is justice the girl with blond hair purple shirt and blue pants is perservance the one with brown hair a blue shirt lighter blue pants and red and white shoes is patience

Grillby is a Blaze

Moldsmall is the same just a Minecraft Slime

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