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Minecraft Storytale is the story of an Undertale AU with the characters of a different fandom, Minecraft Story Mode, playing the characters of Undertale. (This AU is bascially like a comparison to the game and to show how well each chosen character correlates with their role).


Play as fallen Minecraft avatar, Steve, as you journey through the Fallen Lands, Game Fields, and more. Meet several new, (and yet surprisingly familiar), faces, such as motherly caretaker, Jenny; smart-talking, pun-making, hoodie-wearing shortstack, Nikki and her Overworld human-hunting fanatic brother, Jesse, who wants nothing more than to join The Order of the Stone; and royal redstonist, Ellegaard. Choose between three different routes: pacifist, genocide, or neutral, and go on the adventure you might have already completed long ago.

Cast of Characters

  • Steve (Frisk)-Purple & blue striped shirt w/ normal pants and brown shoes
  • Jenny/F! Jesse (Toriel)-Red dress w/ white hems & jean-blue OOTS crest
  • Nikki (Sans)-Normal appearance

    Nikki's appearance in MC:ST

  • Jesse (Papyrus)-White armor w/ gold buttons & red stripes & blue jeans
  • Magnus (Undyne)-Normal armor, but w/ sharper shoulder spikes
  • Ellegaard (Alphys)-Red-orange lab coat w/ gold fasteners
  • PAMAton (Mettaton)-Original prototype face w/ Mettaton wheels. Later evolves into cyborg green limbs and a red body. Source of power is the Redstone Heart.
  • Lukas (Asgore)-Wears long black cloak w/ ocelot face on back, but later reveals normal armor during fight.
  • Alex (Chara)-Normal appearance, but has yellow stripes on her shirt.
  • Reuben (Flowey/Asriel)-Pig and zombie pig, but human form is a boy w/ brown hair, blue jeans, and a piggy-pink hoodie.
  • Napstaliv (Napstablook)-Normal appearance, but is a ghost girl.
  • Ivy (Muffet)
  • W.D Harper (W.D Gaster)
  • Blocco (Annoying Dog)
  • Slab and Clutch (Royal Guards)
  • Petra (Grillby)-Has same red hair, but wears a vest like Grillby's.
  • Gabriel (Gerson)

    Opening page for MC:ST

  • Em & Nell (Bratty & Catty)
  • Axel (Monster Kid)
  • Old Farmer Man (Doggo)
  • Aiden (Mad Dummy)
  • Usher (Greater Dog)
  • Sandy (Lesser Dog)
  • Isa and Milo (Dogamy and Dogaressa)
  • Otis (Burgerpants)
  • BlueGirlAwesome (Nice Cream Guy)
  • The Fallen YouTubers (Previous Fallen Children)
  • The Order of the Command Block (Snowdin Shopkeeper)
  • Policiamalo (Snowdin Innkeeper)
  • Domitron3 (River Person)
  • Kamie (Temmie)
  • Gill (First Dummy)-Armor stand w/ team jacket & non-armor clothing on it.
  • Jack (Aaron)
  • Radar (So Sorry)
  • Vos (Woshua)
  • Nurm (Moldbygg)
  • Stella (Jerry)
  • More characters coming soon!



  • Coming Soon!

About the Creator

Jetrashipper is a secretive, yet friendly Wikier on the page. They enjoy writing their own series of MC:SM called "MC:SM Rewritten" on their Deviantart page, or posting Ask or Dare show episodes on the official MC:SM Wiki. But, when not doing either of these things, Shipper likes to listen to music on a walk or have fun with their Gaming Club. Fanfiction-wise, Shipper likes Jetra fanfics and one-shots, but has a love-hate relation with Jetra lemons.




  • This series will not be a fanfic, but a written comic collab with one of the lucky artists on Deviantart, and one animator from YouTube.
    • The team that will participate in the creation of "Minecraft StoryTale" is Annalight2314, the artist, and BlueGirlAwesome, the animator.
  • Shipper's own OC, Nikki, plays Sans in MC:ST.
    • The role was originally meant for Petra, but seeing as she would be Jesse's brother, and Nikki was already in that area, her role was changed to Grillby.
  • It is more likely for fans of both Undertale and Minecraft Story Mode are to understand this AU.
  • BG changes style as each Act closes. (Ex: Act 1=MMD, Act 2=Animatic, etc)

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