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"i'm mike."
– Mike, upon meeting

Mike is the role of Sans. He is a supporting character in the Neutral and Pacifist routes and the final boss and heroic antagonist in the Genocide route.



He is very lazy and punny. His puns often annoy Jeremy. He is found in various places, mostly scheming to make money. If Jeremy is killed, Mike is very observant in watching Freddy. He has a sharp tongue and a bit of a temper. In the Neutral Route, he says he "likes to take it easy", then retracts it as a joke.


Mike has brown hair, which is short, and light blue eyes. His skin is paler than Jeremy's. He is 5" 8.

He wears a blue hoodie over a white T-shirt/sweater, black basketball shorts and blue sneakers/slippers. When working in Hotland, he removes his hoodie and ties it around his waist.


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