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Ooooooo! Who are YOU?
— Miemy

Miemy a character an out-code character created by Cinder who usually resides in the AU Forevertale. She acts as an antagonist, but she is not evil.


Miemy has a main body in the shape of a tear drop, with a round head at the top of it. She has a tuft of hair on the top of her head that hangs down the back of her head, being visible around her head. She has horns that are slightly curved out on either side of the hair. Miemy has two long, thin ears that hang down the side of her head, and get wider near the bottom. She has large round eyes that change color depending on her moos, a small nose, one fang protruding out of her mouth, and upside down hearts underneath her eyes. Her feel appear look kind of like cloven hoofs, and her hands are similar to pinchers. She has wings that resemble dragonfly wings.


Miemy will destroy anything she finds, pull pranks, and throw things at people. She is very shallow and self centered, but when someone she cares about is in danger she will fight for them, or try to cheer them up if they're sad.

She treats everyone with disrespect and hostility, especially those in authority. She will choose a few people to listen to, and they will be the only people who she will let stop her when she's bugging someone.

On the occasion that she starts of on the right note with someone, she will be nice to them. These will be the only people she cares about and listens to. A couple of the people are Rache and Samuel. She will also avoid anyone who she believes would be a threat to her if she bugged them too much.

She will follow people around and bother them to amuse herself. Miemy does not usually bother others out of any malice, but she simply wants to have a good time and enjoys some laughs. When she is angry with someone she will not tell them, but she will follow them around more and be as annoying as possible.




Rache: Rache trusts Miemy and treats her as an equal in most cases. Miemy considers Rache to be her best friend, and has a slight crush on Rache. Rache feels very little in the way of friendship or romance for Miemy, and treats her as you would a business partner. Though she enjoys calling Miemy a bug to annoy her.

Rache/Forevertale Forevertale Rache has no idea why Miemy is so nice to her, and mostly avoids Miemy. Miemy will often follow her anyway, though, but will not pull very many pranks and throw less jokes at her.

Kyler: Kyler is one of the monsters Miemy annoys the most. Kyler has tried several times to get Miemy on a wanted list of some kind, but she never manages it.

Cyclia: Cyclia can barley stand Miemy. Miemy enjoys Cyclia's reactions to her pranks, though Miemy won't often mess with Cyclia. Cyclia does enjoy the fact that Miemy annoys Kyler so much though, much to Kyler's frustration.

Frisk: Miemy likes Frisk, because Frisk is nice to her and laughs and Miemy's jokes and pranks; even when the joke is on her.

Samuel: Miemy likes Samuel because he's nice to her, and will explain things when she asks. So she is nice to him, and considers him her best friend.

Oliver (Midnight's friend.): Miemy thinks that they are friends when, in fact, Oliver finds her annoying.

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