This is the Sans and Mickey crossover of "Epic Mickey".


Mike is a cheery person with a great attitude and always on the bright side. He cares deeply about his brothers, as both were once taken away. When you mess with his brothers, you get a demon who will stop at nothing to make you pay.


Mike looks much like his Sans counterpart but with differences. He has Sans's jacket, but it's black with no sleeves along with his mickey ears attached to it, which glow when needed and is removable. He wears yellow chucks and Sans's pants but yellow. He carries a paintbrush similar to Ink!Sans's but his is much smaller.


Bendy Sans

The youngest brother. Mike only learned about him a short while ago. They have only known each other for a week and already love each other. Their bond is unbreakable.

Oswald Sans

The oldest. They have a strong relationship but tend to bicker. They care for each other.

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