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(Warning: This is a dark interpation of MickRunner's life please take with caution)

Mick Lara is a minor character in Crewtale



Mick seems to be slightly mute not always talking alot, he acts shy but is caring of other people. He shown to be around alot mostly since he's homeless and hates his parents for what they did to him. He has depression and paranioa as there are missing posters of him with the reward being $1,000,000. He like relationships


He wears a black jacket that looks similar to Fell's jacket with a white shitrt or a tank top hoodie with out a shirt with either jeans or shorts. He has brown eyes but they can change shape and colors at points. His soul changed from Love and Empathy to Melancholy and Grief


He has many abilites that come from expirments his parents do on him


He turn into certain animals and animal like things only a wolf, falcon and somehow a pikachu

Wolf Form

He has adamantium claws in his wolf form and has more endurance and has elemental powers in this form: Lightning, Fire and Earth


He can telport massive distances


A twenty foot demon having the abliltiy of altering reality, leveling buildings on a multiversal levels, just op in genral in powers but can be defeated and takes a toll on Mick

Healing Factor

He has healing factor about the size of Deadpool and Wolverine combined meaning he's practically painless but has about two disease making the healing factor work as if he didn't it can kill him

Electro and Pyrokinesis

He can control Elecricity and Fire. he can either form them in other way or asborb them from sources and even create them as weapons


He has 8 foot scythe that he can summon at will and multiple guns like a Light Machine Gun, Assault Rifle, Carbine and RPG




  • He doesn't hate relationships but doesn't like them either


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