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"Maybe I'll call them... "My Prince"."
– Mettaton reading Papyrus' love letters.

Mettaton is a character in Underlust and the only one that isn't interested in sex.



He is mostly the same as the original Undertale's EX form, except he wears a white bowtie (or a yellow one, gifted to him by Papyrus) and reading glasses. He has a cracked soul as a result of being sexually assaulted by his 'fans', and it was too weak to transfer it into another body.

Mettaton also has a 'NEO' form in Underlust. His left eye is replaced with a cracked heart, and a black one above his cracked soul. His left hand is replaced with a cannon, also shaped like a heart.


He likes to read books and tend to his quiz show, but he is often discouraged due to people contacting him and forcing him to do sexual things instead of answering correctly.



Mettaton is shown to be in love with Papyrus. He claimed to be his "#1 fan" and is the only one aside from Alphys who understands and helps Mettaton.


Alphys created Mettaton's body in an attempt to get him a bigger audience. Despite her personality, she is shown to deeply care about him.

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