Mettaton is Napstablook's cousin and is in the role of Chara. Mettaton acts as the narrator of Storyshift, much like Chara in the original Undertale.



Mettaton is depicted as a robot with longer legs than Undertale Mettaton. It is worth noting that he is fabulous just like in Undertale but more murderous


Mettaton is shown to love humans. He managed to single-handedly convince the entire underground that humans could be kind.


  • Mettaton's name was revealed in Undyne's Resort.
    • According to the creator, they confirmed that Mettaton was a ghost all along instead of being a robot.
  • The author confirmed that Mettaton is not a killer, but Shifty was a true name and it is unknown. (He probably is a killer tho, let's get real here for a sec)

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