Heya, bros and sisters! Welcome to Faxaton's Gaming Contest! - Faxaton upon meeting him


He has bones for a body, sharp fingernails (not shown) and is often depicted holding cash or an XBox controller (again, not shown) and he has a screen for a face.


He is a robot made out of bones, created by Dusty to kill humans to get there souls, so they can get to the surface.


Before he was a skeleton-robot hybrid, he was a ghost who just wanted to game. Eventually, he met Dusty, who made him a robot suit and gave him his own TV show, all about gaming.


He has multiple attacks programmed in by Dusty, such as:

  • Blue Laser Attack
  • Orange Laser Attack
  • BOX
  • Tosses Xbox Remotes


  • When he was a skeleton He Was A Gaming addict (He Still is)
    • When He Was A Ghost His Favorite Food Was Ghost Bacon (He like bacon When he was A Skeleton)

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