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Welcome to the Underground's one and only cooking show, Cooking with a Killer Goat! - Dustyton

Dusty takes the place of Mettaton in PeopleTale.Template:Dusty'sCharacterTemplate



Dustyton takes the form of canon Mettaton, but smaller and with goat ears.


Dustyton EX takes the appearance of a robotic bipedal nubian goat. He often wears a sweatshirt and headphones.


Dustyton NITRO looks like his EX form, but he has energy wings, and one of his arms is replaced with a blaster.


Dustyton always wanted to make a living off of gaming. Eventually, teaming up with Colten, he got his show aired on television. People loved it, so he started doing more. He eventually took over television with his shows. He mainly plays Super Mario Maker on his gaming show.


Dustyton has plenty abilities up his non-existent sleeves, with all of them mainly being taken from Super Mario Maker. He can summon fire bars, Podoboos and he can summon magic spells (which mainly turn bricks into enemies.)

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