"What? I didn't fall, sweetheart. I'm just posing."
– Esaton, whenever she falls when someone is watching

Esaton is the GoldenTale version of Mettaton. This role is filled in by User:Createsans.



She is slightly vain and very sassy. Monsters that aren't a fan of her show often classify her as a diva. She is confident, charismatic and cunning actor that loves Sci-Fi, Tragedy and Comedy. It isn't until her ending that she admits she despises the way she treated Bone, and says that they looked for her, with no luck. She is clumsy, but if she falls, she, instead of "embarrassing herself", strikes a pose. Despite her narcissistic attitude, she adores her fans, and cares deeply for them.



As a box, she looks identical to Mettaton's Box form, only her screen is pink and grey.


As Esaton EX, she has orange hair, which is human hair, and worn in a ponytail, and her right eye is a dark down human eye, which she covers, as she thinks it'd take away fans. Her robot eye is dark grey. The part of her face with her robot eye is light gold metal, and her human skin is fair.

In her EX form, her body is entirely robotic. She has a light gold chestpiece, black pants and red gloves and boots. On her chestpiece is a dial. Her "soul", which is breaking and light blue, is inside her chest.


Her overall facial structure is similar to her EX form, only her hair is cut shoulder length and her human eye is revealed.

The key differences to this look for her EX appearance is her wings on her back and a sword replacing her right hand. Her boots are more pointed. Her sword is bright gold.


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