Who needs limbs with skills like these! -TheUnderTaleFan355 before fighting the player.


Instead of hosting a TV shows he hosts Speedruns on video games.


He looks like the original Mettaton but instead of him being pink he is green.While most of the silver was black.His soul color was also green.His box form which he likes to call his circuit mode is a metal box but the front is a TV screen with console pics on the bottom the rest of the box is black.This screen can make emojis depending on the mood he is in.His Alpha mode looks like Samus Aran´s PED suit and the ¨wings¨The original had are the same but blue.In his EX form he wears headphones.Allthough his boots in his EXform look like UnderFell Papyrus´ boots.


He is actually,belive it or not is an introvert. But at times he can be quite social.He loves all of his fans(which is the entire underground.He is also one of the few war veterans.


  1. SomeRandomWriter:He thinks that they are quite a nice person.
  2. TheNitroFlamer:Remerbers that he made his Alpha mode.
  3. Alphys(Role not taken)is always helping him get his next speedrun show up.


  • He has met his UTAUwikitale version before.
  • If you're on a genocide Run he dies in 2 hits.
  • He has no interests in speedrunning himself.

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