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"The fabulous RPG where everyone is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!"
– Mettatale

Mettatale is an AU where every character is designed like Mettaton EX, even Mettaton.

About this AU

In Mettatale the monsters have much like in Undertale been trapped underground by the humans, being forced to stay in exile for near eternity.


The resource used originally by the monsters (magic) has to most extremes been completely exhausted after a concentrated attempt to escape the underground was made by the monsters which only ended up turning Mt. Ebott into a fiery volcano, leaving the monsters to construct whatever they could in order to preserve living conditions in the underground, leaving whats left of magical resources to be used as power for machines that would slowly but surely bring them back to the state they were in before.

Years later after these events the monsters made Mt. Ebott into a safe place for them all to live, with new control of the Undergound being put into the hands of A robot by the name of Mettaton, Working together with the original ruler of the underground (Asgore Dreemurr) They were able to turn the underground into an MTT themed utopia of which no monster or in rare cases humans had yet to see.



Frisk in this AU enters the underground completely normal, Staying in their regular attire throughout most of the Reactor up until they reaches Toriel's private work space and are given a new MTT brand safety suit engineered specifically for them, They keep it for most of their time throughout the rest of the underground until they reach waterfall and end up losing their MTT brand wig outside of Napstablook's personal work space.


Toriel in this AU looks alot like everyone else around her, Wearing a full MTT brand safety suit, They serve the purpose of keeping the Underground's secondary power supply from malfunctioning which though if left unattended, wont be in much danger, It helps though to keep her busy between her normal routines.


Sans in this AU retains most of his regular appearances throughout the underground though tends to be a little more sassy when it comes to the human presenting a threat towards the underground's well being, Though much like regular Sans, Doesn't really care until the point where he is the last one standing, he also wears a personalised MTT brand safety suit.


Papyrus in this AU has an undying allegiance to Mettaton having some rather secret features built into his MTT brand safety suit which he never reveals normally but does have plans on using in the case of him meeting his favourite star at any point in the future, Much like regular Papyrus though he also retains much of his regular appearances, but seems to mention hearts allot more in place of where he would mention bones, going again with his allegiance to Mettaton.


Flowey in this AU takes on a very different form from what he took on in Undertale, Having been given a MTT brand safety suit before the point where he would go rogue, Flowey has become allot more docile, Actually trying to be friendly with the human after they first enter the underground, Flowey also never shows his regular face, instead choosing to show the face of Asriel Dreemurr which is a lot more than what he usually does in Undertale.


Undyne in this AU had multiple different MTT brand safety suits built for herself, One that she wears normally and another that she uses when fighting the human, This suit being much bulkier as it acts as a powerful armour, Undyne had the extra feature of allowing the suit to store spears which she could deploy and recall from her arm at any point she needs them.


Alphys in this AU, for the most part, is just as awkward as her regular self but much like everyone else, wears an MTT brand safety suit, She is also the known creator of the safety suits, Now living in a largely upgraded lab from her normal one seen in Undertale.


Asgore in this AU still has the role of the king of the underground, But still has an allegiance towards Mettaton, His personality is much like his original personality in Undertale only much like Sans, Is allot more sassy when the human presents a threat, Asgore has a personally constructed MTT brand safety suit which he has had built to go between two different forms at will, one for his usual appearances which bares resemblence to Mettaton's EX form, and a battle form 5 times more powerful than his regular form based on Mettaton NEO.


Mettaton in this AU is pretty much what you would expect, He is Mettaton and so is everyone else.



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