Metal sans is fan-made made by (yourlittlevaporeon) its a endertale sequel/crossover (a random temmie says: Can s0me ! mk picture pwease.

""Hello faker i am sans the skeleton""
– said by metal Sans


the core was turned on by his followers and they brought HIM back then he wanted revenge on sans for (three ways) forgetting him or pushing him into the core or not trying to save him. and created metal sans to desory him and his loved ones.


he only appears in the fighting ways but when not he like a clone of sans. he still love puns and sleeps when when he has a target he kills who he must.


you think he just has explosive bones and baster blasters (you are a bit right ._.)

  • explosive bones
  • gaster blasters
  • rocket pack (like delta sans gaster blaster on his back) powers:boost and flight.
  • force field (blocks attacks)
  • teleportation
  • fists (uses them alot)


he hates harming his brother but if its an order he has to.

chara will scare them offline since they seen every death of sans.

fire will stun him for a little while so they can attack.

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