aka Castellar, AskGoostellar.

Chat Moderation Officer
  • I live in England
  • My occupation is Something REAL embarrassing!
  • I am Male ( Let's face it, it's pretty obvious when you check my contribs. )

Greetings! My name's AskCastellar! Here's a list of what you shall and shall not do on my wall:

Do Edit

  • Greet me with a positive attitude.
  • Constructively make complaints on my wall.
  • Suggest ideas for my AUs or the Undertale AU Wiki.
  • Put a roleplay thread on my wall.
  • Simply put a thread to have a nice chat and some goofy fun!

Don't Edit

  • Go on my wall to insult me.
  • Discuss relationship problems that I do not want to get involved with ( IRL is permitted ).
  • Yell at me.
  • Come to me speaking some gibberish about how your page got deleted and then at the end of the thread randomly go to the corner of my wall to cry; this has happened.
  • Spam, vandalize or advertise.

Messages Edit

If you have any small messages, put them here, I shall start so you can copy the code:

Greetings! If this were a phone, I'd say leave a message after the train noise, but it's a message wall, so I'll just say please leave a message.
— Castellar, Gus, AskCastellar, Cast, Casty, Casto, Squirt, Cinnabun, Cinnabunbun, Max, Asshat, Kiddo, Mate, Pal, Friend.
This boye is one spicy cinnibunbun. A great friend and writer! I left a message after the electro swing. Worth it. :3
— Feesh
Muahaha, i hacked Cinnabun's account, fear me.
— Bone
Zhis kid is very cool! Ja, not much to say, sorry, but vhat zhe heck, right? Alright, auf wiedersehen.
— Vincent
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