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An AU where something is just a bit different....

Story Changes

While in the Underground, Frisk dies to Papyrus, but doesn't reset. Papyrus, being in utter shock, brings the human's soul to his brother. Sans is very confused at the sight of the child's soul, and Papyrus tells Sans it was a mistake. Sans decides to keep it a secret from Undyne, as he knows something went wrong. She however, finds out, and in complete surprise, let's Papyrus into the Royal Guard. Sans tells Alphys about what happened, and she says she will put off her work to help him. However, Alphys is much too shy to ever tell Undyne that she was doing something wrong, so she finds ways to keep herself busy and stall Sans.


  • Frisk is dead
  • Papyrus is in the Royal Guard
  • Alphys is never seen anymore
  • Undyne doubts herself severely

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