she is a dead person in corgitale

all credit for the picture to creator


she was a normal human but one day error!sans attacked and killed her. after that CorgiMaster nearly killed error!sans she turned into a ghost only other ghosts could see her but they could not touch her


she is very sad and never attacks but nobody can hurt her she travels in different AUs she mostly goes to underswap, undertale and corgitale. she likes going to look down to the waterfalls. she also talks to napstablook


she has a grey jacket with black pants. she has pink hair. etc, I have a picture.


she does not have very much powers

  • teleportation
  • telekinesis
  • pink needle attack
  • taking control-she can go into objects but if someone breaks that object when she is in it it hurts a lot.


she is a ghost so none but she never fights and she can only hurt other ghosts


CorgiMaster:is her favorite person

corgi!sans: is her friend

napstablook: is her friend and one of the only people she can talk to

Sans: she saw him once

Gaster: she also saw him and watched him somtimes

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