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MemeTale is an AU where everyone is a famous meme, even some of the minor characters like Grillby and W.D Gaster. This AU was created only for the laughs and jokes, so don't take this AU too seriously.

Main/Minor Roles

  • Frisk is the NO GOD PLEASE NOOOOOO Guy
  • Flowey is the Troll Face
  • Napstablook is Pepe
  • Toriel is Gandalf her quote is "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!"
  • Sans is surprisingly (not surprisingly) is SANESS and always shouts "DO U WANNA HAVE A BAD TOM!!??"
  • Papyrus is Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town and when you fight him "We are number one" plays
  • Grillby is Grumpy Cat
  • Doggo is Doge
  • Undyne is SPOODERMAN
  • Monster Kid is the "I like trains" guy
  • Alphys is the "f**k this shit i’m out" guy
  • Mettaton (Brick Form) is Brick Tamland
  • Mettaton EX is not a meme but he is literally a leg
  • Mettaton NEO is JOHN CENA
  • Asgore is Chuck Norris
  • Asriel is Rick Astley

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