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Megatale is an AU made by Mega Lukas and is an animation series it doesn't anything anything to link too. People are trying to capture Frisk so the characters have to stop them.

Part 1

Papyrus sees two guys with Frisk one of them was about to kick Frisk and Papyrus stops them.Papyrus defeats a bunch of them so the gang goes too the other side of the bridge Papyrus makes a big bone appear out of the ground jumping at the same time going to the side they are.The gang tries to attack them but fails and Papyrus wins.

Part 2

Muffet catches bandits trying to steal her GOLD so she kicks ass. When confronting the leader, he tells her that the bandits were supposed to get the child. She mentions that they are going to have a bad time.

Part 3 Sans vs Bandits

Sans comes walking and then teleports near a guard. The guard takes aim, but he is annihilated by a gaster blast. Two more guards rode a motorcycle and Sans uses blue magic to throw the thing into a wall. He then knocks on a door and tells a knock-knock joke.

Guard: Who's there?

Sans: gaster

Guard: Gaster who?

Sans: gasterblaster

Guard: . . . .

The gaster blaster annilates him and more guards came out to try to defeat Sans.

Sans: it's a beautiful day outside.

Sans: birds are singing, flowers are blooming. . .

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