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Megatale is an AU made by Mega Lukas and is an animation series, the main plot is about a unknown group of individuals who are trying to capture Frisk leading to the main protagonists having to help and protect Frisk.

Part 1

Papyrus sees two guys who've surrounded Frisk, one of them was about to kick Frisk and Papyrus steps in and stops them. Papyrus defeats a majority of them leading to the remaining members of the unknown group to go to the other side of a bridge. Papyrus summons a big bone out of the ground jumping at the same time going to the side they are. The gang tries to attack them but fails and Papyrus wins the battle.

Part 2

Muffet catches bandits trying to steal her GOLD so she kicks some serious ass. When confronting the leader, he tells her that the bandits were supposed to get the child. She mentions that they are going to have a bad time.

Part 3 Sans vs Bandits

Sans comes walking and then teleports near a guard. The guard takes aim, but he is annihilated by a Gaster blast. Two more guards rode a motorcycle to Sans and Sans uses blue magic to throw the thing into a wall. He then knocks on a door and tells a knock-knock joke.

  • Guard: Who's there?
  • Sans: Gaster
  • Guard: Gaster who?
  • Sans: Gaster Blaster
  • Guard: . . . .

The Gaster Blaster annihilates him and more guards came out to try to defeat Sans. As they aimed their weapons, Sans gives a very similar speech.

  • Sans: it's a beautiful day outside.
  • Sans: birds are singing, flowers are blooming. . .
  • Sans: on days like these,
  • Sans: Should be Burning in
  • Mega's Army: Fire!

They tried to hit Sans only for him to teleport and use a gaster blast and then teleports again as a guy uses a sword.

Sans makes his own bone staff and parries a few times before knocking him out. He then uses a single bone to block the bullets and accidently sends it through the head and showing blood.

  • Sans: Oh . . .
  • Sans: how is this guy still alive?
  • Insert person here: we're not normal

After he hills him, he states that he no longer has to worry about gaining exp.

This episode marks the first appearance of Mega Lukas' own OC where his name was Lucas, but he says that Sans can call him Mega.

Part 4 Undyne vs Bandits

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