This is just a little snail Who hates to lose in Races !. in the GENOCIDE ENDING -- you can kill them and you will earn 100 gold and 100 LV

neutral ending -- you will be a best friends!

pacifist ending -- you will be a best friends!

This Snail from AU names Saphira Real Life Tale .


You can Fight with the enemy only if you in genocide route.

When you kill all Napstablook's Snail's , after meeting Flowey and try to hit him , you will miss that hit , And you can see new Royal Guard , But is that normal? , That Snail Can Talk , and when you Fight her , you cant in ACT Folder , You Can Find acting names TALK ,


When that Snail Lose on his last Race , he Became Very Angry .

Powers and Abilities 

Powers - 1) he has a Flame attack ( - 30 HP ) In genocide route , in neutral route ( -12 HP ) , in pacifist route ( -7 HP )

Powers - 2)

Powers - 3)

Powers - 4)

Powers - 5)

Abilities - 1) he is like a sans can Touch player's SOUL and Grab it .

Abilities - 2) Snail can summon 'Gaster Blasters' .

Abilities - 3) He can also summon Sticks to attack the player's SOUL as they navigate the battle menu.

Abilities - 4)

Abilities - 5)

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