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Medievaltale is an AU where frisk is the first human to have fallen, not counting chara. it is set in medieval times, as i, billybobmcjoe, the creator of this au, believe that it has taken the seven humans centuries to all fall down into the underground. as frisk is the first human to fall underground after chara, asgore has no human souls yet.

differences in major characters in this au:

  • flowey has a leaf shaped like a shield. he hides behind it sometimes, especially in the genocide route
  • napstablook (he's major to me alright) looks about the same, the only difference is that instead of making a top hat with his tears, he makes a helmet, calling it "sir blooksalot"
  • toriel is the queen of a smaller kingdom neighboring asgore's. she and asgore used to be friends, until he declared war on the humans. the king of toriel's kingdom is away on business when frisk falls underground. toriel has acrown on her head, but otherwise looks no different.
  • sans is the court jester for asgore, but hangs around snowdin most of the time since his brother lives there. he wears a black and blue jester costume, including the hat. his watching for humans is more to help his brother out than because its his job. he knows about the resets and multiple universes, but has not quite given up on everything yet. as such, it only takes killing a handful of people (or his brother) to have to fight him, but it is easier because comic retribution isn't at full power unless you make sure to kill everyone.
  • papyrus is the snowdin town crier, however he still dreams of joining the royal guard. he is still friends with undyne, but is not a sentry for her. he took it upon himself to capture a human rather than being told to do so.
  • undyne stays mostly around new home, due to it being more important in this world that she protect asgore than that she try to take the souls of humans. she looks very similar to normal, but never takes her armor off unless you befriend her in the pacifist route. she is also a scottish fish and pretends to be male because medieval sexism.
  • alphys is the royal wizard in this au. she wears a white robe rather than a lab coat. she still does mostly the same things, but lets people believe that its magic that she is doing. some of it is.
  • gaster was the original royal wizard. however, he was found practicing necromancy (bringing napstablook and happstablook/mettat-crit into the world) and was immediately banished, he has not been seen again, but rumors of a strange door in waterfall pop up from time to time...
  • mettaton was a project by alphys to try and create a living creaturew with no soul to pass through the barrier. happstablook decided to possess it while alphys wasn't looking, and so even alphys is unaware that mettaton is a ghost in a robot body. while mettaton appears very similar to his undertale self, mettaton EX wears the clothing of a noble and is less pink.
  • muffet is the leader of a gypsy caravan. the other spiders are the gypsies
  • asgore appears almost exactly like his normal self. the only difference is that he wears gauntlets and boots
  • since there are no human souls already collected for flowey to steal, he uses dark magic to get some. he brings six human souls of humans buried in the mountain above down to him and uses them to transform into omega flowey. the souls have weakened due to not being contained in a protecting environment, and thus omega flowey is somewhat weaker.

differences in locations in this au:

  • the ruins are mostly the same, except somewhat... less ruined. the most major difference is that toriel's house is a castle, albeit a small one
  • snowdin town is filled with thatched roof huts rather than those small wooden houses
  • waterfall functions as a primary moat around the castle, and thus all water is much too deep for traversing. instead, you walk entirely on wooden bridges, except in the trash zone where theres so much garbage that you can't actually move anywhere except one convenient path made of discarded items without stepping in some sort of fecal matter.
  • hotland serves as a secondary moat for the sake of redundancy, but the bridges you traverse are made of stone. there are no gaps to have to cross by vents, and elevators are replaced with ladder systems
  • the core is mostly held together by magic, and has no purpose as of yet. gaster created it for seemingly no reason before his banishment, claiming that "it would come in handy later on". its torchlit halls have many a theif looking for an unsuspecting merchant with a bit of coin
  • new home is all part of the castle rather than being a reflection of the ruins