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This AU has no further presence online than this page.
Matsunotale is a crossover AU by HoolaScups, mixing Undertale with the anime Osomatsu-san. The sextuplets have grown apart after an apparently heated argument between them, and now each one is living their own life; the player comes in after this, during a visit to Japan.

The CORE does not exist in this AU. The Royal Guard, Napstablook, Mad Dummy, Gerson, Flowey, Asriel, Chara and Mettaton do not exist in this AU, either, as they wouldn't fit in with the storyline and/or have no one to be replaced with thus far.

The protagonist doesn't have a canon name, is a teenager anywhere from 14 to 17 years old, and has a white soul; this means it is whatever trait you want it to be ("It fills you with determination." is replaced by "It completes you."). The other soul traits are changed according to their respective characters.


Original Changed to Events
The Ruins A medium-sized house in a field area, owned by Choromatsu. As you can guess, there are no puzzles or anything there. Since Choromatsu merely took the player in as they looked lost and exhausted, you can leave whenever you want. However, the protagonist will ask about the sextuplets and cause the battle.
Snowdin The town in which the brothers used to live in. Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu were eventually kicked out of their house and now live in their own, though shared. Grillby's is Chibita's stand. There are no puzzles, and all interactions with Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu will mostly be them fooling around. The battle against Jyushi is mostly a game, and he will take you home if you lose so that you can rest.
Waterfall A shady, small neighborhood in which few people live, often considered 'dangerous'. Karamatsu is located here and often receives visits from Jyushimatsu. Karamatsu will discretly follow the player around, and eventually warn them to leave as a child such as them should not be wandering through that neighborhood. The fight occurs when he notices your interactions with Jyushi and Ichi, and you refuse to leave.
Hotland Just a simple, small but maze-like town. Todomatsu lives here. The MTT Resort is a hotel owned by Hatabou. Todomatsu accedes to help you find your bearings around the town, and gives you a phone so that you can stay in contact. Since his town is rather maze-like, he constantly guides you around. If you reach the hotel, Kara, Jyushi and Ichi will tell you why they all grew apart.
The Lab Not a lab, but simply Todomatsu's home. The True Lab is a hidden room inside the house, where Dekapan's failed inventions are. The same events as in the original True Lab. Endogeny is replaced by the ESP Kitty; the rest of Amalgamates are still a WIP.
New Home A peaceful city in which Osomatsu lives. The Judgement Hall is a field-like path that leads to his house, which replaces the Throne Room; Ichimatsu tends to visit it. Ichimatsu will be the one to judge your actions throughout before you meet Osomatsu, whom the player will battle against after asking about his brothers. At the end, he breaks down and admits how much he misses them.


Main characters

Role Theme(s) Soul trait
Frisk is an unnamed, teenage child None Unknown
Choromatsu is in Toriel's role Just Arrived, Loneache Patience
Ichimatsu is in Sans' role ichi., Song That Possibly Plays When Ichimatsu Fights, MATSULOVANIA Freewill
Jyushimatsu is in Papyrus' role Hustle! Hustle! Muscle Muscle!, Hustletrousle Kindness
Karamatsu is in Undyne's role Karamatsu, EN GARDE!, Guitar of Righteousness, Battle Against a True Brother Integrity
Todomatsu is in Alphys' (and partly Mettaton's) roles Totty, Death by Popularity, Power of Totty Independence
Osomatsu is in Asgore's role Akogarenoaniki, OSOMATSU Loyalty

Minor characters

Role Theme(s) Soul trait
Chibita is in Grillby's role None Unknown
Totoko is in Monster Kid's role None Unknown
Iyami is in Muffet's role France Dance Ambition
Hatabou is in Burgerpants' role None Unknown
Matsuyo and Matsuzo are in the Snowdin Shopkeeper's and Nice Cream Guy's roles None Unknown
Dayon is in Temmie's role Day-Shop Unknown
Dekapan is in Riverperson's role None Unknown
Nyaa Hashimoto is in both Catty's and Bratty's roles None Unknown


(yes, I know my art is terrible.)


  • The characters use the attacks of their respective soul color, not of the character they play as (i.e: Jyushi would use Mettaton's attacks despite being in Papyrus' role, Ichi would use Muffet's, and so on.)
  • Osomatsu is the only one who retains the same soul color/mode as the character he plays as.
  • The sextuplets have their own jobs (except for Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu, who still receive help from their parents, even though the former has his own campaign to rescue stray cats): Choromatsu has found a passion for gardening; Karamatsu became a dramatist as well as a part-time musician; Todomatsu is an Internet star and works as Dekapan's helper; and Osomatsu has his own oden stand, though unsuccessful, and has taken a small liking to gardening as well.
  • Osomatsu's theme, Akogarenoaniki, means "The Longing Brother".
  • In the Genocide route, all of the brothers will put up a fight, even if their respective characters originally don't.
    • Doing a Genocide route three times in a row will result in them being absent until the very end, where they will fight together and combine their soul modes.
  • Iyami's soul color is gold, and his battle consists of the blue and orange attacks mechanic.
  • The sextuplets' souls are visibly damaged in different ways after their separation: Choro's is darker in the center, referencing an empty heart; Kara's is upside-down, representing the feeling of failure; Jyushi's is shadowed, referencing how he feels lonely; Ichi's has a crack, implying that the incident scarred him; Totty's is dimmed, showing that he feels incomplete; and Oso's has five small cracks, representing each of his brothers.
  • The AU is planned to be a Storyshift-like comic, a game-like animation, or even an actual game, though the latter is mostly just an idea.