Mastertale is a developing AU made by Diamond Dynamic, a tumblr/youtuber/soundclouder

Character completion Smolfants

Bigfants 45%




Gaster 100%

toriel 100%

asgore 100%

flowey 100%

undyne 100%

Dr. Syrif 53%


Kaden 13%


After a genocide route,sans is hit as the player fatally wounded. the human dies and sans slumps over,putting his hand on the human.Sans absorbs the human's SOUL. This is the story of Master!Sans. On his way to the outeroceanfellswap au (witch was made up for this au) he stops at the underfell surface. he chats with a human, and the humans name is revealed "My name is Kaden". this is the backstory of kaden and Master's first encounter, kaden makes this a self insert au. Kaden says he wants to meet a old friend, reffering to smolfants who was kaden's friend before being banished to underfell's surface. the rest of the story

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