Master!Papyrus Master!Papyrus is the younger brother of Master!Sans a main antagonist of Mastertale. Instead of getting into the royal guard, its trying to destroy it.


Papyrus looks like Classic!Papyrus, but it's missing a part of it's face, has red pupils, and bloody teeth. Papyrus has a hole in his battle body with spaghetti strands covered in tomato sauce. he has blood on his hands and dust on his boots. He has this appearance because of a failed attempt at Master!Sans murdering him. he went insane afterward and became out-of-code.


After the events that caused Mastertale to begin, Master!Sans tried to attack him, he was severely wounded, and his face started melting off. He started eating monsters that he killed, giving him bloody teeth, dusty boots and bloody hands. One day he approached Undyne, and she stabbed him where is heart would be if he wasnt a skeleton, and his spaghetti spilled out of the hole.


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