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Marshall is an anthropomorphic angler fish-like monster who works alongside Undyne as the tactical ops soldier of the Royal Guard, aka, second in command. He is the younger brother of Undyne. In Roguetale, he is a major antagonist at first, but turns good during the middle of the story.


Marshall's scales are a darker blue than those of Undyne. He lacks fins on the sides of his head, but, as an angler fish, he possesses a "lure" on his head, which glows yellow. He always wears a black hood over his head. His suit of armor is relatively similar to that of Undyne, with a few exceptions, being a bit sharper and darker grey in hue. He also has visible claws, which are not armored at all. His fins on his forearms and calves are also lightly coated in armor. His teeth are much sharper, and he has a prominent muzzle/set of jaws. On his back is a black cape with the Delta Rune imprinted on it in white.

Unlike Undyne, he has two eyes.


Marshall is seen as a bit calmer and stricter than Undyne. However, he is only strict to the royal guard members because he cares about each of them very deeply. This is only during battle. When they're not in battle, he is very quiet, but kind. His quiet nature comes from his training as a stealth soldier, as he prefers stealth over strength. His fellow royal guard members find him weird due to his usually mysterious nature. But, they do see that he is a very caring monster.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic hooks: While Undyne uses magic spears, Marshall, very ironically, uses magic hooks (because his species has the name "angler", and he's a fish.) attached to chains. These are not normal hooks though. They're barbed (BARBED, NOT COVERED IN BARBED WIRE) hooks, lined with multiple teeth.
  • Determination: Very oddly, Marshall possesses a reasonable amount of determination. This only happened when the monsters broke the barrier.
  • Extreme fighting skills: Marshall is a master at MARTIAL (heheheh) arts, able to perform stunts in the air effortlessly. He's also very good at hand-to-hand combat.
  • Tactic calculation: Marshall is also an exceptional tactician. He usually makes the plans on the team.


  • Like all monsters, he cannot handle too much determination. He can be determined, just not too determined.
  • His specialty is close range combat, thus he is vulnerable from far away.
  • Unlike most of Vincent Endethyst's OCs, he is not immortal. He can still die normally.
  • He isn't as good at dodging.
  • He's restricted to Waterfall, and he can't go to any other location, as he requires Waterfall's wetness and moderate temperature.



Marshall deeply cares about Undyne, and vice versa. They try their best to look out for each other as well. Before he joined the royal guard, Undyne taught him how to fight because she was sick of him constantly being bullied.


  • He was created on July 12, 2017.
  • He had a crush on Mettaton until he realized Mettaton was male. This, not surprisingly, humiliated him.
  • Like Alphys and Papyrus, he confuses Toriel with Asgore sometimes. He didn't even know Asgore had a wife.
  • He can't cook.

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