Mange is the daughter of Create and Horror. She is not like Tekton .as Create was willing to have her.



She learned from her father that it's okay to hurt people, but she learned from her "mother" to only hurt the people that are mean to her. Despite being a child, she is not innocent. She has visited Underlust one time too much, which ruined her innocence. Her soul is a monster soul, that is Orange, which is the color of the trait Bravery. She is fearless, and sometimes takes charge, despite her being only 5 years old.


She has white bones and no hair. Her left pupil is a red heart and her right pupil is a pink diamond. She has a genetic scar over her right eye socket.

She wears a black T-shirt. Over the T-shirt, she wears a brown satchel. She wears a pink skirt and purple boots.

Weapons and Abilities

She can summon Gaster Blasters, which are twice as big as her. She is also proficient with a variety of weapons, likes knives, swords, axes and mallets. She also has teleportation, psychokinesis and telekinesis.


She has slight anger issues, and will become insane, sporadic and uncontrollable if she gets angered. Her most common trigger is being referred to as "just a kid".


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