"yo i'm mags, mags the skele"
– maguto introducing himself

His full name is Maguto Uzumaki Skeleton due to his dad being kinda of being weaboo tresh



Maguto is light-hearted and lazy sentry who deals with depression, he can also be shy when talking about his relationship with Zara. He is caring when it comes to his sister, friends, "brothers", most especially his wife, He also can be sarcastic


Maguto is a skeleton with no hair. He wear a dark blue hoodie with black shorts, black fingerless gloves, black socks with pink slippers. When in battle, his eye glows blue with black flames. He's 5'8



He can summon bones from all shape and sizes and types

Gaster Blasters

He summons multiple ones but has special ones that bigger than normal,


He can teleport around the world, he can also teleport to other AUs

Shifter Gene

He has the ability to turn into a human or a gaster blaster wolf


He summons kinfes as weapons and his shifter weapon is a knife like Cross's

Alternate Underverse


He found Broken somewhere around the exact same time that Keeper and Chibi were fighting Spectron then it went off from there he met Zara then when a certain event happend Maguto gave Zara a physical form and the 2 of them started dating


Maguto and Zara are married and they end up having a child named Lucida in which Terracus takes making Maguto go umm ape shit but that ended up being a illuison of Chibi, He currently has stopped since then and wakes around helping when he can



He cares for his sister very much and if anyone was to hurt her, he would nearly lose it and hurt them so badly that they rethink their life choices.But enjoys annoying her with puns and apperictaes her cookies.


She is his wife and wife they both met in Alternate Underverse after she tried to kill Chibi. They both share a affinity for knives


He and him are friendly they rarely talk like at all. They both fought each other and Maguto seems really inferior to him in power but in maturity Maguto thinks Spectron is the most idiotic being to exist


He and him aknowledge each other existens but never talk much

Relationship with Undertale Cast


They both enjoy annoying their siblings with puns. They both visit Grillbys alot. They share their knowledge of the anomolies and all RESETs and SAVEs.


He enjoys his cousin's spahgetti and eats it everytime he is over there house. He sometimes might assist with puzzles but not always.


He and her are best friend who enjoy wathcing anime alot but Maguto is always forcing Alphys to watch Naruto


He understands that she had her reason to leave and actually enjoys her pies and sometimes ask if she likes Sans


He and Flowey are friends but he knows about Asriel's past and his RESETs but accepts him no matter what


Maguto and Blooky are music buddies alongside Shyren and Maguto visit Waterfall to make music with all of them since he makes basslines


  • He listen to music alot and has a pair of headphones in his room
  • He is a Soriel shipper
  • Is from the AU, TimelineTale
  • He enjoy drinking barbeque ALOT!!!

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